KidSpaceeFreedom to Think!

Kidspacee is well equipped with the modern playing equipment. To develop the co-ordination of the children's mind.

June: Re-opening

July: Picnic & Market day

August: 2nd week 1st Term Examination & Lalbagh Trip - Nature study

Sept: Post office & Nutrition week

Oct: Cubbon Park & Colour week

Nov: Sports

Dec: II term examination & X'mas Carnival

Jan: Heritage Center

Feb: Animal Day

March: Final Exams

** Summer Holiday Starts **

April - May: Summer camp will be conducted in the school.

Strictly Discipline is followed. Cleanliness and Food habits are taken care of regularly by the staff.

The physical and health education program forms an essential part of school life.

Cultural activities like dance, singing, drama 'Christmas Tabulo" etc., are conducted.Cultural activities are organised to develop their potential to the fullest.

Excursions are being arranged regularly to entertain the children.